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Centre Podològic Ana Capel

In the Podologia Center Ana Capel we work for the health of our patients, dedicating ourselves to different areas of the world of podiatry.

The chiropodist is a qualified healthcare professional who can offer foot care in an integral way, either by diagnosing and treating himself or working in a multidisciplinary way with other medical specialties.

I am Ana Capel, podóloga graduated from the University of Barcelona and with a collegiate number 1797. Specialist in Pediatric Podiatry (first promotion of the Pediatric Master’s at the UB) and in Podología Deportiva.

Our treatments


Elimination of callosities and alterations of the nails of the feet

Custom templates

Our templates are 100% personalized in each case and each patient

Nail incarnated

Onicocriptosis occurs when one of the sides of the nail cloves under the skin of the finger

Nail Fungus

Mycosis is a fungal infection; It is the disease that most frequently affects the nails of humans

Biomechanical exploration of the march

Study of the movement and the different forces that act in our body and the relation that exists with the possible pathologies

Plantar warts

These lesions appear on the floor of the foot and in the palm of your hand. They have black spots called papillae

The specialties

Sports podiatry

The prevention of injuries is linked to an improvement in sports performance. The ideal is to perform a biomechanical study of the footprint before the appearance of the injury

Pediatric podiatry

It is in charge of preventing and treating the musculoskeletal problems of the lower limbs of children and adolescents

Diabetic foot

Diabetic patients, in a high percentage, can develop foot ulcers. The complications derived from these injuries are the first cause of hospital admission of these patients.